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This is part of our collection smell “Honoring” which has Rosemary, Basil, White Sage, Spearmint blend with notes of Cardomom, Jasmine and Lavender, along with a base of Fir Needle, Copaiba Balsam and Patchouli. There is also red and pink rose pedals throughout the bar.

Each bar is also in a metal reusable container.

The soft gentle base of the massage bar melts in your hands and you can use it also as a solid perfume if you like.

Gently rub the bar on your skin and massage the oils and smells in.

Our honoring smell is a dedication to my non-indigenous side. A reminder to honoring all the pieces of you, not just the ones your most comfortable in or you have found healing in. This smell is dedicated to my Maltese side, with herbs and medicines my Grandmother use to hold important to her in her cooking. Dedicated to my mixed indigenous community, I see you, I feel you, remember to honor all parts of you.


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